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Sample Shows:  

​​​When was the last time your family laughed TOGETHER?
Remember when you were young? The family would get together and have this thing called a "meal". You would talk and tell how your day went. Then you would play a game or watch television "together". On special occasions everyone would go to the movies. It was a time of bonding and creating family memories.

Flash forward to today. Everyone has their own schedule. You're working longer hours. The kids seem to jump from one activity to another without stopping for meals. When you're finally all at home, what television is there you all can watch together?

I remember the "good ol' days" and that is what my shows try to capture. Family-friendly entertainment for today's modern family. A show everyone will enjoy, remember, and talk about for years to come.

Newfangled Medicine Show
The Medicine Show has finally arrived . . . almost. Everything is in place except the performers!!  It looks like Doctor Osborn, the show’s snake oil salesman, is going to have to refund everyone’s money. Unless . . .?  Join us for a magical comedy of errors as award-winning magician Darrell Osborn demonstrates what one person will do for a buck and a laugh.

Blue and Gold Magic Show
A show specifically designed for Scouts!
Lots of comedy and very interactive.
Packs small enough to fit into any performing area and still play to a large crowd. Moves on and off very quickly, so it’s easy to insert into your program without delays
Special Bonus Gifts for all the Scouts!!!

Dr. Osborn's Magical Laboratory
Controlled chaos ensues when a mad scientist takes over the show! Bent on world domination through the use of his haphazard and flaky experiments, he uses the audience as laboratory rats to carry out his diabolical schemes!

Search for Santa's Secrets!
The Magical Mad Scientist is back! This time he's trying to figure out how Santa is able to do everything he does. Funny, crazy, and full of Holiday Magic!!!

Reality Check Totally Mental Show
Come along on a hilarious roller coaster ride through the world of psychic phenomena. Everyone's favorite shyster, Doctor Osborn, is your guide on this trippy trip and when he's finished, it will be up to you to decide what was real.

Alabama and the Tennessee Valley's

No#1 Magical Mad Scientist