Doctor Osborn Magic and Balloons

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Alabama and the Tennessee Valley's

No#1 Magical Mad Scientist

Doctor Osborn


​​Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you based? I'm based just outside of Huntsville, Alabama. I normally perform in the Tennessee Valley area including Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky.
  • How much do you charge? It depends. My fee is based on what you need to make your event successful. It can be compared to going to a restaurant. Your bill depends on what you order. By answering a few simple questions about your event I can send you a quote.
  • How do I contact you? Due to my hectic schedule, the best way to initially make contact is through this email Then we can set up a time when we can talk over the phone.
  • Are you really a Doctor? The title Doctor/Professor was one often used in the Medicine Shows by the snake-oil pitchman. It was nothing more than a title to make the product sound legitimate. So, in the tradition of those who came before me: Yes, I am a "Doctor!"
  • Do you do more than magic? Yes, Juggling, Ventriloquism, Puppets, Comedy, Balloon Animals, and other oddities.
  • How will you be dressed? For stage shows and clubs I wear a custom-tailored coat and tails. If the Mad Scientist shows up, who knows! (But chances are, it'll be a lab coat and goggles...)
  • What do I need to provide? In most cases, Nothing.
  • How long have you been involved in magic? Over 50 years.
  • Where have you performed? From the Opryland Hotel to private living rooms. From the intimate Fantasy Playhouse to NASA's US Space and Rocket Center and even The Choo Choo. Thanks to my Modular Magic System we customize shows to fit your needs and space.
  • Where can we see you perform? I move around a lot and mainly do private events. However, you can see me annually at The Panoply Arts Festival in Huntsville, AL; every Tuesday night at Wings Sports Bar and Conventions across the South. 
  • How far in advance should I contact you? As soon as possible. I have clients that book as far as a year in advance. As soon as my show is over, they book me for the next year.The earlier you contact me, the better the odds on securing your date.
  • Do you use fire or live animals? No. For certain shows I do use puppets. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.
  • Can I get references? Yes. After you've determined the type of show that fills your needs, I can give you corresponding references. I do not post references out of respect for my clients' privacy.
  • An agent gave me a different quote. Why? I am fortunate to work with several agencies throughout the area. Each normally deals in a specific market. Make sure the quotes are for the same type of show. You may need an after dinner package and were quoted for a birthday party show.
  • You look familiar; have you been on TV? Yes, I've appeared on the local TV stations and newspapers.
  • Will you tell me how . . . ? No
  • How can I learn about magic? The best place to start is your local library. At some of my personal appearances I offer my Magic Book "The Southern Wizard's Guide to Magic Vol I". It's a magic book on cd. You can also join your local magic club. To find one near you go to: